guitarist, singer and music producer
“The guitar I'm using for live work at the moment is a Gretsch Rancher. When I first saw this guitar hanging up in a shop in Coventry I was appalled by the colour. On closer inspection I was equally appalled by the inlays on the fretboard (detail coming soon - ed.). After several visits to the shop my curiosity got the better of me and I asked if I could check it out and have a play. It all changed from then on. The action and playability is fantastic.

I took it home for more trials and fell in love with it. I decided to have an L.R.Baggs pick up/mic fitted and the guitar was returned to me on the afternoon of the first Swarbaid concert at Symphony Hall in 1999. When I walked out on stage for my brief set that was the first time I had used the guitar and the first time I heard it with the pick up. I was delighted!

For a large bodied guitar the acoustic sound is very quiet with not a lot of bass end, but I think that that actually helps the internal mic and reduces the tendency to feed back. Another nice bonus for me is that you don't see many about."