guitarist, singer, educator and music producer


1970 Dando Shaft : An Evening with Dando Shaft
1971 Dando Shaft  Dando Shaft
1972 Dando Shaft  Lantaloon
1973 The Anand Band Lila
1974 Blue Aquarius  Blue Aquarius
1977 Dando Shaft Kingdom
1983 Martin Jenkins  Carry Your Smile
1984 Pzazz    Soft Touch
1985 Whippersnapper Promises
1986 Kevin Dempsey   The Cry of Love
1987 Julie Felix     The Sea and the Sky
1987 Whippersnapper   Tsubo
1988 Whippersnapper   These Foolish Strings
1989 Various Artists    Mastercraftsmen
1989 Kevin Dempsey & Chris Leslie  : Always With You
1989 Polly Bolton  No Going Back
1990 Gillie Nicholls   Corner of a Line
1990 Danny Thompson   Elemental
1991 Dando Shaft   Reaping the Harvest
1991 Alan Stivell   The Mists of Avalon
1991 Jay Turner   All Through the Year
1991 Whippersnapper   Stories
1992 John Pilkington   My Point of You
1992 Dando Shaft Shadows ‘Cross the Moon
1993 Allan Taylor    So Long
1993 Gillie Nicholls   Spirit Talk
1994 Denim Denim
1996 Gordon Giltrap    Celtic Journey
1998 Tom Leary     Cool Waters
1998 Various Artists Huntingdon Folk             
1998  Andy Gutteridge  Amongst Friends
1999 Mike Burnham     Sarona
1999 Various Artists People on the Highway (Bert Jansch Tribute Album)
1999 Andy Gutteridge Twice In A Blue Moon
2000 Various Artists   Heart of England
2001 Tom Leary Off The Rocks
2001 John Kirkpatrick Mazurka Berserker
2001 Kevin Dempsey and Joe Broughton  Every Other World
2003 Dave Swarbrick English Fiddler
2003 Aniada A Noar  Liacht-Light
2003 Dave Swarbrick   Swarb-! Forty Five Years of Folk's Finest Fiddler (boxset)
2004 Kevin Dempsey  and Joe Broughton Freehand
2004 Various Artists Someone Was Calling (RNLI benefit album)
2006 Uiscedwr Circle
2006Swarb's Lazarus Live And Kicking
2006 Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick [producer] Straws In The Wind
2006 Jim Gallagher Empty Canvas, Open Sky
2007 Darren Black [producer] Silent Poetry
2008 Darren Black - Thinkers and Fools
2009 Rosie Carson & Kevin Dempsey - The Salty Diamond
2010 Kevin Dempsey and Dave Swarbrick Raison D'Etre
2010 Rosie Carson & Kevin Dempsey - Between the Distance
2010 Jonathan Day - Carved in Bone (click here to buy a copy on