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Kevin Dempsey has music in his soul. His multi-facetted career is testament to his talent as a guitarist, singer, songwriter and record producer. His uniquely wide range of professional experience in both the UK and the USA provides the bedrock for his unique range of skills. Kev is not only a talented solo performer but also an ensemble player of outstanding ability. He is sought out by many other musicians who enjoy not only his company but also know that his craftsmanship will always seek the most sensitive chord, the perfect arrangement, the ultimate lyrical sound or sheer driving rhythm, all to blend seamlessly into great pieces of music.

Kev's previous

  • Soul Express - Soulband of the sixties.
  • Dando Shaft - The first truly unplugged band.
  • Anand Band - Indian rock.
  • Alice Coltraine - Spiritual Jazz.
  • Blue Aquarius - Big band.
  • Los Bohemios - Latin American dance.
  • Pzazz - Jazz Funk.
  • Percy Sledge - Soul
  • The Marvelettes - Motown
  • Whippersnapper - acoustic folk.
  • Mary Black - Mary Black
  • Uiscedwr - Global folk 
  • Tanna
  • Lazarus- acoustic folk
  • Kevin Dempsey and with Joe Broughton 
  • Kevin Dempsey and Rosie Carson
  • Kevin Dempsey and Karen Tweed
  • Kevin Dempsey with Karen Tweed and Carolyn Robson.
  • Kevin Dempsey with Harriet Bartlett

Kev's current and recent
In 2001 Kevin began playing with the stellar violinist Joe Broughton. They have released two studio albums. 'Every Other World' was recorded in Denmark in 2001 and 'Freehand' followed in 2004. Their long-awaited third album was recorded in September 2011 and is to be released later in the autumn.
                      Kev and Joe  completed a CD, Carved in Bone, with the Shropshire singer-songwriter, Jonathan Day. 
In 2002 Kev joined forces with renowned fiddlers Peter Knight and Tom Leary to create 'Tanna' whose music reflected the diverse influences of all three musicians. Lazarus (Dave Swarbrick, Kevin Dempsey, Maart Alcock) was formed in 2006 as Swarb recovered from his lung transplant. Their album, appropriately named 'Live & Kicking' was released in the same year.
Kev also gigs on his own and draws from his musical history a range of songs and styles which are as interesting as they are entertaining. He can re-interpret traditional music, play a jazz classic or sing a song that stays with you forever. Solo gigs at a big Australian folk festival have won him rave reviews. Abu Dhabi also seems keen on him.
               Alongside his performance commitments Kevin has always produced music, his own and for other artists. He completed 'Straws in the Wind,' the most recent album from Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick. Kev teaches workshops for guitar as well as ensemble playing (which can include song) and has rave notices from pupils.Kev also entered the world of academia in 2011 when he did a very popular teaching day for the folk studies degree at  the University of Newcastle. He continues to do summer schools in France and at Somerset's famous Halsway Manor. 
                          In September 2009, Kevin recorded a widely acclaimed  album, “The Salty Diamond” with  young fiddler and vocalist Rosie Carson in Newport, Kentucky.  Since then he has recorded 2 further CDs with her. Kev played gigs with accordionist Karen Tweed. Following a set with inspirational singer Carolyn Robson at the 2011 Phoenix Folk weekend in Darlington, Kev, Karen and Carolyn  rehearsed together and took on gigs when commitments allowed.  Over the past couple of years he has teamed up with the outstandingly talented accordionist and vocalist, Harriet Bartlett who has also played in a trio with Kev and Carolyn Robson as well as touring Austria with Kev. 2015 has begun as a momentous year because Kev and Rosie were the support act on the country-wide Fairport Convention's Wintour.

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